The KSSSA ball games ended with the showdown and anticipation of which it deserved; the 5 day action was all building up to the very moment the Rugby finals began; with Laiser Hill and Maseno battling it out for the crown.

Maseno took a 12-0 lead, but they further solidified the old Kiswahili adage that ‘Kutangulia si kufika’. Where Laiser Hill came up out of, but things went from 0 to 100 real quick; next thing we knew, Laiser Hill had won 13-12 and fracas had erupted. Apparently a Laiser Hill teacher had slapped a Maseno rugby player and a battle had erupted!

We hope it was all resolved.


Hockey was another attraction, with Trans Nzoia winning the Girls’ final and Narok Boys winning 2-0 on penalties against St. Anthony’s in the Boys’ final.

Basketball attracted the largest crowd; Shimba Hills disposed of St. Brigids 74-36 to get the girls’crown. Thereafter, the main event was staged. Was Upper Hill going to upstage the Lakeside boys of Maseno?

It was a hotly contested match for which Upper Hill dominated most of it; but in the end, Maseno caused the biggest upset of the whole games tournament; 46-45 was the final score, and Maseno was understandably jubilant.


That’s it from me, Tha Sniper, till the next games!