We probably have at one time heard of a celebrity who used to be black but for unknown reasons decided to lighten his/her skin to white. Some are following suit. But did they really ‘bleach’ their skins ama ni maisha ilikuwa nzuri? Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who are rumored to have done the same.

  1. Michael Jackson.

The late pop king used to be black. If you have watched his earlier videos, especially with the ‘Jackson 5’, you’ll realise that he was actually black. He however at some point decided to undergo a number of surgeries to lighten his skin. His doctor Conrad Murray said that MJ did it to erase the memory of the abuses he underwent in his father’s hands simply because he was black.

 2. Nicki Minaj.

Her minajesty has never spoken about the popular belief that she underwent plastic surgery to enhance her looks. It’s widely claimed that Nicki not only lightened her skin but also enlarged her boobs and booty.


 3. Verah Sidika.

Now closer home, Queen Vee the Bosschick is widely known to have lightened her skin. Verah even accepted to have done it, claiming her body is her business (forgive the pun). She then goes ahead to give Nicki and Rihanna as people who did it and are doing on well.


4. General Defao.

This Congolese maestro is also in the books of those artistes who saw it prudent to try the other side of the skin color. It’s not known what led him into making that decision.

5. Atomi Sifa.

One and only Kenyan man in this list. The ‘ Emmah Atoti Super‘ hitmaker used to be dark-skinned but too decided that it was time to go white.

Why do people lighten their skins? Well, to be white. But is it really such a big deal?