From the crew that brought you Lamba Lolo, to a brand new jam featuring The Kansoul. Now called Ethic, the young lads from mtaa have proven themselves as champions once again with the ability to make hits after hits.Their first song, Lamba Lolo became a hit after one Swat (wa matirre) dropped some lines that got everyone rapping a long to mostly his verse.

In an interview with the Insyder, the young lads expected a maximum views of 5,000. To everyone’s surprise the Lamba Lolo song had over 1 million views.

The Ethic peeps have clearly proven to the haters who predicted them as one-hit-wonders through Position. The song is basically metaphoric and has many sexually-related phrases that are not a shocker given that The Kansoul have had sex-based lyrics in some, if not all of their songs in the past.

The song is a mixture of two music groups that can clearly relate to each other through their very bold and expressive lyrics. The video of the song is somewhat meant for continuity as it is not far from the Lamba Lolo video. Ethic (ironic), the crew have also released a song which doesn’t have a video yet called Saba and as is now their norm, these new kids on the block are all about the sex talk.

Check out Position below and let us know what you think.

Words by M