Regarded as the ‘parent’ of urban music, Mzazi has been on the front line helping artistes get out there to their audience. He has many projects running. Besides his radio and TV hosting jobs, Mzazi has Mseto campus tour where he takes with him artistes to perform and spoken word artistes around universities and colleges, then he recently began thye mzazi foundation and a new initiative of giving out guitars to up-and-coming artistes. However, some artistes feel that Mzazi is a cartel in the music industry, accusing him of promoting specific artistes especially from Coast and Tanzania. Yesterday a frustrated artiste took to his facebook page to tear into Tuva, accusing him of blacklisting him and some other artistes that their music doesn’t get played.

“One of the biggest enemies to our music industry ni huyu jamaa anajiita Mzazi Willy M Tuva,” began the long post that has since gone viral. In the post the artiste, whose name is Lang’ Katalang’, accuses Mzazi of sidelining him and ignoring his fans’ calls to play his music, and going to the extent of making a black book with some artistes’ names whose music shouldn’t be played. “I know sijafika level ya Diamond platnumz ama Akothee ambao wameshinda wakikulipa ili uzidi kuwamarket,” he went on ranting.

The artiste turned abusive, and it remains to be seen whether Mzazi will take action against him or he’ll let sleeping dogs lie.