El Chapo Joaquin Guzman, love him or hate him the guy was a genius in all his illegal dealings. A trial conducted two days ago revealed information that even the police knew nothing about.

Discoveries revealed that El Chapo used a secret train trade route to transport cocaine from Mexico to New York. Trains used transported cooking oil for sale in the United States of America.

Cooking oil was siphoned from these containers and cocaine fitted in secret chambers. The workers would then fill the container with cooking oil and disguise them with grease. This was to divert the attention of the sniffer dogs at the inspection bay.


The operation which began in the year 2000 had earned the Sinaloa cartel a staggering 800 million dollars by the year 2003. The Sinaloa cartel, formerly headed by El Chapo ran the trade route. El Chapo is currently in prison on 17 account of criminal charges.

Martinez, a former El Chapo accomplice unveiled all the accounts to the police. He says business went bad for him when police busted into their warehouse and seized drugs worth 100 million dollars. Martinez left the cartel once they tried to kill him when the warehouse was discovered.

Martinez claims he had made a staggering 15-20 million dollars in the whole train transport route before he left.

The case against El Chapo is on going to determine all his activities in the drug trade.