Yesterday evening, a hateful tweet from certain personality pushed Julie Gichuru to the edge like never before. She was forced to take to her YouTube channel to address the person who posted the tweet.

The tweet was calling for Kenyans to ‘go the Rwanda way’ in the upcoming elections. Basically this person was calling for a genocide if the elections are flawed. This angered Julie and she was forced to educate Kenyans on peaceful coexistence.

Julie took the time to narrate what exactly happened in what can only be described as one of the darkest moments we have had as a continent.

“So today I feel compelled to speak about what I see as a serious concern and a possible crisis ahead of the elections…where people are taking to speaking about Rwanda and saying Kenya should go the Rwanda way, must go the Rwanda way for things to change. Last night on Twitter a fellow posted this comment and it got me thinking, it got me upset and we need to talk about this. When anybody says let’s go the Rwanda way, you need to take a moment to ask yourself exactly what are you speaking about. In 1994 April the Rwanda genocide started, I remember it, it was vile, neighbor took up arm against neighbor. They massacred infants, children, old men and women… women, men there were 800,000 people in Rwanda massacred between April and July when that genocide was brought to a stop. It was horrifying!”

Julie Gichuru said in part in a video uploaded on YouTube.

She then called for the people who are thinking in this manner to be held accountable for their contribution to hate if anything is to aspire, God forbid. Take your time and watch the video below, it is a message that we as Kenyans need to heed to keenly