Rumours are sometimes based on facts, but most often, it is people reading into things that are non-existent. These past few weeks some huge revelations have come about. Most of our lives, we have heard of stories about pastors who use their respectable positions for acts that the church would deem sinful. These however, would remain as such, stories. Sinful pastors have now finally been exposed for fraud and cheap thievery. Celebrities always have stories around their lives, this week has however revealed that Nikki and Lil Wayne never hit it, and Namless and Wahu are still a power couple.


Scandal sells. People always want to air other people’s dirty linen. Celebs however bear the brunt of this. Their lives are almost never private. And in a bit to probe them, some people charge painful, yet newsworthy rumours on them. Sometimes however, this is in a bid to get the celebs ‘out of hiding’ and back into the public eye.

P Kanyari

Pastor Kanyari’s story made people pity his wife, with others accusing her of using it as a publicity stunt to sell her new music records. On the other hand, we should see it from her side. Her family is now in the public eye, her marriage is tarnished, and even worse, people may accuse her of collaborating with her husband to get the money from believing Kenyans. Her life, her comfort have literally been taken away from her.


Last year, people produced iffy tapes claiming they depicted Nikki and Lil Wayne getting it on. Their musical partnership in songs such as “Knock Out” and “high School” did not help but fuel these rumours. The two carried on with their lives and did not comment on the issue, till a few days ago when Nikki in a rap at the MTV EMAs revealed that nothing did happen between them.

nameless Wahu

This morning, the latest victim of cyber rumours and defaming is the power couple Namless and Wahu. A blogger claimed that Wahu had cheated on her husband and after paternity tests, he had not sired their last born girl. The blogger went on to explain that Nameless had filed for a divorce not being able to forgive his wife. Amid the story going viral, Nameless himself went onto cyber space to shame the fraudster.


Remember, before you open your mouth, or type out falsehoods, how it affects the people around your target. Noone lives in a vacuum and once you set something going, like waves, it always escalates.