We all have moments of laziness from time to time. You get tired after a long day, and don’t feel like doing anything that requires more than a little bit of movement. It’s not laziness, exactly… sometimes it’s just easier. These people took their laziness to a whole new level. From pathetic laziness to borderline brilliance, these 11 images prove that there are people out there lazier than you.

1. Halloween is next week, if you can’t curve a pumpkin, don worry, here is a nice and lazy solution for you. Plus no need to waste food.halloween

2. Their parents bought them an expensive trampoline. They know where the real fun is, though. Instead of getting all sweaty, use the box as a bed-as a sign of appreciation for the ‘horrid’ giftbox fun

3. Too much work to put the toilet rolltoilet roll no

4. Translation failtranslation

5. Is it bad that I’m impressed? Duct Tape Genius. There are times arms hurt when in bed and tryna use the smart gadgets.Duct tape

6. This guy says relax. Why rise every time you want a sip?Sip genius

7. Littering is a scurge in our country. I think it has become a deeply rooted culture we don’t even see the bins anymore.littering

8. For the love of beerbeer straw

9. Talk of parents who spoil their kids. No need to walk when mum is about.trolley

10. Admittedly once you have already gotten all snuggly in bed it is a hustle to get out of bed to turn off the lights. Lazy cat owners do this to curb having to leave the toasty bedcat people

11. Everyone likes to enjoy their telly time.tv time
Source: Diply