Gigi and Zayn have ended their two year relationship that was adored by many in a heartfelt and emotional message. The couple were a lovely touch in there happy moments of the relationship and were never afraid to share it in their social media pages. They always seemed happy and no one ever doubted that. I have to say this is one of the few couples that despite being on the public radar, never had a public scandal involving their relationship.

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Just as all seemed to be going well with the two, Zayn took to twitter to announce their break up. Just two months ago Gigi had sent a very loving message to Zayn on Twitter during his birthday. Rumors even had it that they had gotten engaged after Gigi was seen with a ring and Zayn did a tattoo of Gigi’s eyes on his chest. They seemed full of love until Zayn dropped the bombshell! So, everything was never as good as it looked.

Though the two called it quits, Gigi said she will always respect Zayn and continue being a supportive friend. Anyway now with the two celebrities back in the market, all we can hope  is for them to find love again.

By Emmanuel Otieno