In every relationship, there should always remain that sense of privacy. There should be times you spend with your family, time for friends, time for you love too. In a relationship, there should be boundaries too. Girls, NEVER EVER go through your guy’s phone. that is one of the unspoken rules. here’s why it is not a bright idea to;
1. You can’t win
PhoneWhat happens if you go through his phone and you find a message from a lady that he was just having a light moment with or worse, you do find something incriminating. What you gonna do? Keep in mind that you could also in fact find nothing at all. You must be ready for all these outcomes coz once you go that way the trust is broken and there’s no coming back.

2. It can become an addiction
dont goSo you did find something. Next you go through his emails, facebook, twitter etc. Now all the time you are just left thinking or wondering who’s on his vibe now. Then it becomes your life’s mission to always fire fight your relationship, at the end of which there will be none.

3. The Information you find could put your man’s job and friendships at risk
CellphoneDepending on whether your man is an NSIS operative or works at a software and applications development firm, you could actually be hurting his career by going through his phone. You could inadvertently blurt out his company secrets to a friend who does the same. Before you know it, guess what, it’s no longer a secret and if it’s traced back to your man… Bye bye job!

4. Your trust issues may be a reflection of you
donCould it be, just for muse’s sake, that probably the main reason you don’t trust your man and have to go through his phone, that you are the not-so-trustworthy one of the two of you? Maybe you flirt with all sorts of guys and even send each other dirty texts on phone. It may be that you’re not doing anything with them and it’s just messages. Then again, you could be guilty as sin, and in so, believe your man’s up to the same?

If you have questions, ask. If you have doubts, air them. Very rarely does one gain much through snooping into someone else’s phone.

By Thomas Rajula