At some point, we all experience some form of heartbreak. Healing from this takes a lot of time and I feel bad, particularly for us women as we take longer to heal from past hurts. However, we shouldn’t write off our partner for a single wrong that they’ve done to us, here’s why:

4 reasons

 You’ve been dating for a while

Although time doesn’t excuse every relationship sin, if this is the first time your boyfriend has messed up, and you’ve been seeing each other for some time, then it might be worth giving him a second chance. However, if your boyfriend has messed up badly and you’ve only been dating for two weeks you should be careful as this might be a sign he’s bad news. Well it always nice to give a second chance you will need one too.

They make you happy 90 per cent of the time

Giving him a second chance will be hard work, so if you’re debating whether he deserves your forgiveness you need to work out if he is worth it. If you haven’t been happy in your relationship for a while, then chances are you’ll be better off without him. Yet if he makes you genuinely happy for the majority of the time perhaps he is worth that extra effort.

4 reasons2

Ask yourself why you don’t want to forgive

Think about why you don’t want to forgive your boyfriend. If you are resisting even though what he did was not unforgivable, it may be because of your attitude towards forgiveness. Try to figure out what your attitude is towards forgiveness before trying to assess whether you should give him a second chance.


His ego is getting in the way of things

After someone has hurt you or told you lies it can be difficult to understand whether the person you are dating actually cares about you or not. He might be ready to have you back again in his life, but he can’t admit it. And would you really want to be with someone who cares more about is ego than he does for you?


By: Janiana Wangare