Kagwe Mungai, the musical voyaging pigeon of sorts, (Having lived in UK, Uganda, South Africa and, more familiarly, Jahmu) has a new song out under the label Xaxa Entertainment (is this is a pun or a nod to the Xaxa Xema generation? Xiwezi confirm)

This is his first single in 2015. His debut single released last year, “Biggest Fan”, had a pretty awesome video. Be wary of the ‘Parental Advisory’ sticker at the corner of the video; believe me, it is well placed.

This song is called ‘The Dee’, and if you are above the age of 18, I don’t need to explain why…maybe the lyrics will do a better job:

I’ve been searching for you my entire life

And now you’re kind sort of always on my mind

I see the stars in your eyes

And then my temperature rises

Plus you know your ABCs…

So come and get this Dee
The song starts out deceptively sweet, when he says he is thinking of marriage because she makes him the happiest man in the world, but the message rapidly changes to praise her alphabet knowledge – with one letter in particular to praise.

This song has a disco-funk feel to it – the colorful psychedelic lyric video and beat suggest a lending of influence from the days of Kool and the Gang meets Jackson 5.

In fact, there is what sounds like a pseudo-Michael Jackson doing his signature high-pitched exclamation in the background.

The funk is in full swing at the end, when he croons his ode to Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’, ‘I’m gon’ funk you up/said I’m gon’ funk you up’.

The ending is a little coarse, and the whole song borders on coarseness, IMHO, but knowing Kagwe, he meant it to be more playful than creeper – err, creepy.

As long as Mr. Mars doesn’t pull a Marvin Gaye-type lawsuit on him, he’s good to go – the song is pretty catchy, and it’s pretty funny, so…go have a listen.

So wake up and Go get that Dee.

Muthoni Wachira