A video just surfaced of a fully, gold plated Lamborghini being offloaded from a Kenya Airways cargo plane.The Lamborghini has a customized plate belonging to one Katsha D. A gold plated Lambo would go for as high as US $7.5 Million, that’s equivalent to over 750 000 000 Million!

Some of these things you just have to see to believe. We won’t waste your time. Go ahead, see…

Golden Lambo in Kenya by teenie-kijana

It’s believed that the Lambo belongs to a Ugandan “tycoon” who resides in SA. The tycoon goes by the name of Katsha D’Bank (clearly an alias).

This might be a fourth Lamborghini addition to his collection which also comprises of a Bentley, Mercedes Benz Cross Country alongside more rides. It was reported in Ugandan media early this July that he had purchased another gold plated Lambo.

Check out the pics below:

Katsha D Gold Lambo 2

Katsha D Gold Lambo

Katsha D Golden Lambo

Additional material courtesy of: iconmagazine.com

Marcus Itimu Esq.