Woman on the beach watching the horizon

I watched the blood trickle down my wrist

My eyes completely covered in mist

The pain wasn’t

as much as yesterday

But I knew this was the only way

She said I was nothing

That nobody would want me

She said nobody liked me

And that my life was such a pity party

My throat burned with the insatiable desire of pain

And my eyes, with the overwhelming tears to tame

I had had enough, I wanted it to end

My life, my soul, for I had reached a dead end

I just couldn’t keep on living

A life so full of me sinning

It had to stop…I couldn’t control

The adrenaline and my raging heartbeat

I picked the razor and it slipped

But I picked it up again and dug a little too deep

I lay in bed in case my body jerked into a fit

It hurt

God! It hurt to the bone

I felt so happy yet so alone

Finally ‘I did it”, I thought

I thought I was seeing the light

I closed my eyes and stifled the scream

That threatened to kill my dream

Goodbye world Goodbye strife

Goodbye people Goodbye love

But please, world, do me a favor

Don’t let a girl like me ever delight

In the art of taking away her life.


By Winnie Mbugua,

Ngara gee, 404