Monday 24th July was a chilly morning in Limuru, where the set of the new upcoming film, Supa Modo is. Supa Modo tells the story of a young ambitious girl whose dream of being a super-heroine is short-lived by some terminal illness that would render her dream impossible, if it wasn’t for a whole village masterminding a genius plan that will make her wish come true.

Apart from the evil henchmen and a few older actresses, the lead actress is a young girl named Stacy. She stars alongside other kids who also play the part of superheroes. X-Men has new competition from those kids who were seen moving trucks and fighting dragons. Crazy right? It’s bound to be one amazing movie locally produced.

The team behind the film is One Fine Day Films, the makers of the popular Nairobi Half Life. Speaking to The Insyder, Mugambi Nthiga, the writer of the film said that he hopes to inspire a lot in the viewers, “We want people to have a nice warm feeling and to know that they too can be heroes. If one can’t be Super Man or Wonder Woman, they get to be “Supa Modo” which is equivalent to the two.”

We also spotted two chicken on set that were clearly not paid to star in the film. The writing of the film started in January this year under a project known as ‘the brain room’ where people get to submit content to be turned into films. The film directors and scriptwriters get mentorship from international filmmakers. Ginger, who is part of the production crew said that the movie is for all audiences, “It’s not just a children’s movie. It’s also a movie that adults can enjoy.”

Enos Olik, well-known creative cinematographer is shooting the film. Most of the crew learned on the job and did not go to film school to get training. They were just passionate about it. Albert who is a cinematographer on the film said that, “young people who want to break into the market ought to be patient and try to learn as much as possible. Make sure to also do it enough till it sticks.” The same words were echoed by Mugambi Nthiga, who said, “ have an interest in people and don’t do it for the fame or the money. Do it for the love of wanting to bring a new idea.” The film is directed by Likarion Wainaina.

The release date is not yet out but you can check out other films on their website www.OFDF.Shop