With education institutions closed for a few weeks, learning had to come to an abrupt stop. The curriculum had to pause while the government and stakeholders looked into methods of ensuring learning continues seamlessly without students being in schools physically. Weeks in and schools resorted to virtual learning through the Google Classroom platform. The Insyder Plug looks at what makes the Classroom a go-to platform for eLearning.


As schools decided to go digitally due to the pandemic, a number of e-learning platforms cropped up. However numerous reports came in that most of these apps were not fully secured against unauthorized access. Cases of strangers joining the class sessions and portraying inappropriate and obscene gestures began popping up. With Google classroom, both the teacher and learner are safe against these intruders. The platform allows teachers to lock their virtual classrooms once all their students are logged in. Students are given a classroom code or invited by email to join the classroom as part of the security measures. Teachers can also allow guardians and parents to join the class for monitoring what is being taught.


Numerous schools in Kenya have an average of 45 students per class. Transferring these large numbers to a digital platform is a headache for teachers. However, the Google Classroom has an advanced capacity of up to 250 participants per session. This also means that teachers can teach numerous classes in a combined session.  The platform also allows students and teachers to use the site without having to download the app, a measure that comes in handy for those low on storage.


Going a day without having assignments is a dream for many students. The Google classroom continues the trend of having to do your assignment without fail.  The service helps teachers to create and grade assignments.  The teachers send the assignments to their students who work on it before they re-upload it to the classroom. Students are also able to access workbooks prepared and uploaded by their teachers.

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As schools wait for the Government directive, to reopen learning institutions, the number of schools joining the platform will surely increase. With the features in place, learning online has never been better.