Gospel artiste Lady B is someone who has seen it all in this life. From a party girl, hooked on drugs, teen mother and a popular secular artiste to one of the most relevant gospel artistes, hers is a disgrace-to-grace story. Yesterday she took it to her gram to tell part of her story, and dissuade teens from engaging in premarital sex.

“If you’re told to have Sex everyday till you die nonstop utatoboa?? why try what one day you’ll do that is if you’ll get married?” she asked.

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Hahaha acha nicheke kidogo 😂😂This pic reminds me of my youth life😜 waaaa I was unstoppable the things I was told not to do were the things I was doing ushaishi life yaumangaa😜😜I forgot life was all about me I never thought that a day like today I'll have this picture as a Tbt 😂I thought ntakua 18 till I die🙆Why I am saying this?? The other day I saw a post talking about how youth are involved in SEX and many are infected with Hiv/Aids😭😭 I was so sad and said in my heart I wish they knew that 15 is just a stage before you know it you'll be 29,30 Why waste your life?why??Sex was made by God He created that for Married people to enjoy👂If you're told to have Sex everyday till you die nonstop utatoboa?? why try what one day you'll do that is if you'll get married? ?Haraka ni ya what? One day utakua unatafuta msee wakukwambia Hi ama Msupa wakukwambia wee ni mnoma ukose🙆Psalms 144:4 Say Man is like a breath,His days are like passing shadow 👂😨The Bible says in the book of Eccelesiastes 3:1-8 There is time for everything when time for eating comes and you start sleeping na mko kwa dining you look so funny yeah🙊 So my dear young brothers and sisters out there this life belongs to you,you can enjoy without Sex,me I was involved in that and gave birth I became a mother at a very young age,I never enjoyed my youth yaani😭 but today am running aways from it because I know the results so am waiting very soon 🙏If you can read this Today God loves you Enjoy your youth stay safe,stop what your doing Life is never fair If you appreciate life,life will appreciate you👂Especially now this social media generation🙌you want to look cool😨Cool eeeh😨Cool down that time will come and you'll enjoy because God will have endorsed it Halleluyah🙏Revelation 22:11 Says let the evildoers continue doing evil 😱But why continue when the grace is here with us now now??Why waste your youth yet Jesus died for you to have life and life in abundance🙆Why?You can make a choise as God says today in Detronomy 30:19 He has set before you Life and death,blessings and curses but He gives you an answer for the best choice👉He says CHOOSE LIFE THAT YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN MY LIVE🙏With ❤LB😚

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