Reader beware: This post is interesting and full of spoilers. Can we first of all talk about that meeting between Jon Snow and Mother of Dragons! Do you think they ‘caught feelings’ yet? I mean, Khaleesi is hot and Jon Snow is also good looking. But there’s a catch, Daenerys is Jon Snow’s aunt!! Game of Thrones season 7 has aired only 4 episodes and the ride has been thrilling thus far.

Episode 1 into season 7 and we saw major ish. I swear i was not prepared for what happened the first 3 minutes. Arya Stark masked as that old man and killing an entire group of soldiers by poisoning them. She is out for vengeance. She then went and met… guess who, Ed Sheeran! The pop singer Ed Sheeran was given a rather small role as a Lannister soldier. Did you guys expect more from Ed Sheeran’s appearance or was it me? Khaleesi also finally landed in her birth place, Dragonstone where we saw her prepare to conquer the seven kingdoms.

I’m sure most of you expected Cersei Lannister to have been killed by episode 3 but you know what they say, a lion still has claws. Her new alliance with Euron Greyjoy seems to be bearing fruit. The crazy uncle of Theon Greyjoy gave Cersei the much needed help she needs. Y’all remember how Cersei blew up the church in season 6, right? It seems she’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

One thing that is still on my mind though is the battle that took place in the sea between Euron Greyjoy, Theon and Yara. How did Euron defeat Yara and Theon that quickly in the middle of the night? And then boom, Theon had to jump off the ship when his sister was captured instead of helping her. I had to replay that again because let’s face it, that was a bad move Theon. Abandoning your sister like that ain’t cool.

I am really trying to avoid talking about another OMG moment: the scene between Missandei (Khaleesi’s helper) and Grey Worm (Khaleesi’s soldier). It was a sweet and weird moment that I don’t even think we should cover for now. Ahem!

So Jon Snow finally went to meet Khaleesi. She just wants him to bow down to her because she feels she is the new queen. Jon Snow though, is more worried about the White Walkers than playing games. Over the time Jon has spent with Khaleesi, she seemed to have softened…and for a second when they were in the cave, they had a moment. Their meeting happened just as we expected. They were cold to each other at first but then warmed up to each other. Perhaps sparks will fly off soon. But the big question is, what happens when they both find out they’re related?

Cersei’s revenge on Ellaria Sand, the woman who killed her daughter, was the most cruel so far. How would you feel if I poisoned your child and made you watch as your child dies? That is what Cersei did. She is clearly dangerous. Lady Olenna also died. This was before she revealed to Jaime that it was her who killed Cersei’s son Joffrey and not Tyrion, their dwarf brother. What did you guys think of her response? “Tell Cersei it was me. I want her to know that.” She truly earned the title Queen of Thorns. The Stark siblings also reunited: Sansa, Arya and Bran. And finally, the battle at the end of episode 4. Woaaaaaah!!! That was the most epic battle scene ever. I actually got goosebumps when Khaleesi arrived with her dragon. Breathing flames of fire before it was wounded by a sharp arrow.

Jaime then made all of us hold our breathe as he went in for the dragon. What!?? Who does that?

Are we excited for episode 5? I’m going crazy over whether Jaime will survive. The White Walkers have also started marching across the wall. Doom is coming. Who will be the last one standing? In the Game of Thrones, you win or die, there’s no middle ground.