Govi will join musician Avril and footballer Paul Were in a never tried before campaign dubbed ‘Eat Fish For A Better Life’ that pushes for for wholesome living.


The campaign aims to promote the consumption of local fish and remind the public not only of the tasty delicacy fish is but also its importance for our health and growth.

The TV and radio campaigns have been supported by the EU funded-Indian Ocean Commission SmartFish Programme (co-implemented by UNFAO, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) in collaboration with the Government of Kenya.

The TV infomercial will officially start to air on November 21 which is the World Fisheries Day.The TV advert will see the three celebrities in their daily work routine; Avril in the studio recording a track and Were on the training ground preparing for the next match.

The clock strikes lunchtime and they quickly leave whatever they are doing to rush over to their favourite Fish restaurant where an eager Baha is waiting for them as is the norm because he understands that his favourite musician and footballer have one thing in common — they both know the importance of fish.

– The Star

Oyaro Clinton