Am sure you remember the time when famous local rapper Calvo Mistari was robbed during a house party. Now the mastermind culprit has been caught.Calvo-Mistari-smilling

As you already know, the robbers were not able to leave with a lot of stuff, actually they even left their guns behind. For a whole month they had been calling Calvo’s friends and family asking for their guns. Calvo took the guns to the police after the robbery that had left him shaken and fearful for his life. After investigations it was discovered that Embu county’s clerk Jim Kauma, was the owner of those heavy machines.images (6)

Jim was brought in for questioning yesterday over the ownership of the guns, that his brother-in-law Frank Matuta claimed were his. He wrote a statement at Langata police station and also has been summoned by CID.

jim kauma
jim kauma

If he was actually responsible for the robbery, the question now is what was his motive for wanting to harm Calvo Mistari?

By: Joan Rangara