Ladies, what would you do if your ex, and most notably father of your two daughters walked down the isle? Most probably, you would

sit feeling jealous back at home, scrolling up and down his Instagram page (or that of the bride) to see the proceedings, right? Then you’d be comparing yourself to her, and looking at where you are better than the lass. But if you’re Grace Msalame, then you’re some other different type of women on this planet. I mean, the TV siren did totally opposite of what we would expect her to do, and hence schooled the entire queendom on how things should be done.

On Friday, Mr. Paul Ndichu said ‘I Do’ to one Ms Evaline Momanyi. Grace Msalame who had divorced Paul however wrote him some lovely messages on social media with the captions ‘Bonus Love’. She was not doing it ati for publicity stunts or what. Why should she seek publicity anyway? As if that’s not enough, her daughters who are also daughters of Paul were flower girls. Paul is twin brother to Eddie Ndichu who is Janet Mbugua’s husband and in their wedding, the kids were among the flower girls too! She posted some congratulatory messages on her social media pages and photos of the glamorous event. Isn’t it so exquisite?

💞Bonus Love💞

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There were mixed reactions from Grace’s followers, some congratulating her while others wouldn’t really come to terms with Grace’s show. One follower wrote, “This is obviously on another level. Am separated enroute to divorce, I am a mum of twins and at this point I don’t see myself doing this…..soo it must be the Grace of God. For me meanwhile blending is for blenders and that’s where my ex and any future thots shall be! Dead and blended.”

In response to the mixed reactions, Grace wrote “Wow! Overwhelming??Thank you for the very kind words??May GodBless you all exceedingly abundantly above??for the confused lot & the hateful comments… it really is not for you to understand. It’s always been key for me to change the narrative and show another option to the norm. Glory to God for His Grace & Love in abundance??Bless you all & HAPPY MOTHERS DAY❤”.

Ladies, would you do the same if your ex-hubby moved on and tied the knot with another hot woman? Congrats to the newly-wed couple. Congrats to Grace Msalame for showing the society that you don’t have to be enemies if love doesn’t work.