Instagram is the new measure of power. If you have many followers, you’re the real deal out there. So gaining of followers is one exciting trade, one that calls for follow trains, #Gainwithsoandso hashtags et al. In this game however, some are scoring high marks without their knowledge even. These are babies, born to celebrity parents who decide to make them social media accounts and employ someone who updates them in the first voice, making it look like it’s the baby itself posting (some parents do it themselves though). Take a look at the following kids on IG, and the massive number of followers they each have;

  1. Tiffah Dangote.

Tiffah is Tanzanian crooner Diamond Platinumz’s daughter with Zari. She is two years old, stunningly beautiful with such a huge following. When she was just hours old, she already had been endorsed by Pugu Mall and msasani mall baby Shop ambassador. His father might not be the most popular in the world (But he definitely is in East Africa) but the daughter is the most followed on IG. She has a whooping fanbase of more than 1.3 million people! Her first day on IG had her garnering more than 32,000 followers. And what does she post? Well, it’s all about her life, her day to day activities and about her baby brother. It’s difficult to tell who runs the account, but we’ll just use some little knowledge here. Her English posts are very well-written (all of them). Maybe she’s fluent in English like her mom? C’mon, she’s turning two this August! So, it must be her mother who does the posting. Not her father since we’d have seen some errors at one point or the other. Plus, who has the time to do such? Mommy.

2. Asahd Khaled.

Son of Dj Khaled. Asahd is almost six months old now but his dad began sharing photos of Asahd when he was a month old. His birth was captured live on snapchat! Well, back to IG. Asahd has 688, 779 followers right now, thanks to his father’s status, and he usually posts about the on-goings in his life and the tracks he’s co-producing with his dad (poor kid! Does he even know what’s going on though?)

In ‘I’m The One’ video, he appears as the Executive Producer while about the upcoming album his gram is full of photos of stars to be featured (like Riri).

3. North-West.

First-born daughter of Kanye and Kim Kardashian. Mid this month she turns 4 years and her gram life is also something to watch out for. At 4 she already has 176,780 followers, which beats most celebrities. She mostly posts about fashion (like father like daughter) and her day to day life. Who runs the handle? Well, I doubt whether kanye has time for that. Kim too is busy with her own and if they haven’t employed a person to be doing it for North (which is 90% possible), then it’s Kim.

4. Ladasha Belle.

Daughter to gospel celebrity couple Dj Moh and Size 8 makes it to this list. Ladasha Belle is less than two years but already boasts 173.5k followers! At her age, she already is endorsed by a diapers company, doing it’s ads with her family! She mostly posts about the brands she’s promoting as well as day to day life activities. So, who does Ladasha’s posting, now that she’s not even able to talk herself? Might be mom, might be dad, or both!

5. Mueni Bahati.

Mueni is the biological daughter to gospel sensation Bahati. she’s not been in the limelight, till less than a month ago when Baha made her known to the world. Chap Chap he created her an IG account and it so far has 6.8K followers. Not a bad start, taking into account that of the thousands of followers, she only follows back her dad Bahati. She however has to thank her dad for the follows, who also seems to be running her IG account with someone else (supposedly his prayer partner Diana). well, currently she’s got nothing to post than just her day to day life activities and those of her dad.

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