The grammy awards have been causing a major up roar all over social media with everybody’s fingers crossed hoping to die for their favourite grammy nominnee.People are holding their breaths and voting for their favourite artitsts who’s blood’s are boiling hoping to be triumphant.The grammy’s have everybody wondering, ” Damn who is going to take it, they are all so good.”

Well,the competition is so stiff in the 2018 grammy’s I cannot wait to see how it goes down in the various categories for the bar has been set so high by the nominees;

Album of the year

This category has everybody between a rock and a hard place with legends such as,Childish Gambino,Jay-Z,Kendrick Lamar,Lorde,Bruno Mars all eyeing the same prize.This is such a tough one but Kendrick surely needs the credit with his album, ‘Damn’ getting best album of the year 2017;having everybody singing to the ( Humble and Loyalty)lyrics.More so having a 422 million view on you tube.

New artist of the year

This category has all and sundry glued with Alessia Cara been recognised for her powerful songs.However rumuor has it that Khalid or SZA might carry the day most especially SZA who has most woman nominations.

Best pop music of the year

Well in this category we have great and glorious singers nominated for the grammy awards.Kesha’s (praying)was more than a song;a great piece of art, Lady Gaga is hoping to slay with her emotional song;million reasons and Ed Sheeran with (shape of you);which was a major hit having everybody singing a long to the lyrics and becoming Spotify’s most streamed song ever.

Best music video

For this category we have to keep it short and sweet.Hands down for Kendrick’s Lamar,Humble album by Dave Meyer starting from the striking visuals to social commentary.I guess Kendrick has this category hands down.

Best country solo

In this one Sam Hunt ,Alison Krauss,Miranda Lambert did not disappoint last year no wonder the grammy nomination but fans love Maren Morris(My church)singer who won last year and Chris who won in 2016.But when all is said and done may the best cow girl or boy win.

The grammys will be so lit i think everybody should buckle their seat belts and pop those popcorns because you will need to stuff yourself to handle all the drama having Beyonce,Kanye,Jay-Z and Kim Kardashian at the same place Madison Square Garden in New York.Kenyans are so proud to have Octopizzo in the Grammy awards.

By Brianas Njoroge