Everyone knows that weight loss doesn’t happen in the snap of a finger, it takes dedication, focus, and will power. Truly, even the biggest celebrities know this to be true. We’ve rounded up some of the greatest Hollywood weight loss stories that you need to see.
1. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aquilera

She wasn’t always that packed together back in 2012. However, Aguilera was the victim of harsh criticism over her curvy figure. Why? We can’t wrap our minds around that. A year later at just 35, the diva lost 50 pounds which didn’t go unnoticed as she received favorable media attention after her substantial weight loss.
2. Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy

Melisa has always been in the news for her uncanny, spicy impersonation. We can never miss any movie release she has a role in. Her 50-pound weight loss was just another highlight for the Hollywood star.
3. Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

As if someone like Janet Jackson needs an introduction. All we can say is that her weight loss journey she announced had her loosing over 60 pounds. I guess its all in loving yourself the way you are and don’t be scared to allow changes, everyone, in while.
4. 50 Cent

Rapper-turned-actor 50 Cent is up next. To play a cancer patient in the film ‘All Things Fall Apart,’ 50 Cent lost a dramatic 60 pounds, stunning fans all over the globe. Don’t let anyone fool you acting is easy.
5. Rebel Wilson

Pitches! A 37-year-old Australian actress, writer, and producer make the list. Wilson shot to fame thanks to the Fat Amy portray in Pitch Perfect. So far she lost 33 pounds and that’s thanks to her exercising. But don’t get it wrong, she still supports a curvy figure and being happy with yourself.


6. Chris Pratt

His transformation was well received by many. Pratt played the hilarious but chubby Andy on Parks and Rec but now that he’s well known as Marvel superhero, he plays some serious sporting wash broad abs.