Marafa Secondary School

The pressure keeps on growing for the ministry of education as 38 more students have tested positive for covid-19 at Marafa Secondary School in Kilifi. The county has been struggling with the spiking numbers of positive cases and are now on high alert as the virus is creeping into schools. This comes even as the government maintains a blind eye to the rising cases in schools insisting that students are safer in schools than at home.

Kilifi County Governor, Amason Kingi confirmed the cases on Tuesday stating, “We have started getting so many cases, especially in schools, Marafa Secondary School is one case where 38 cases were tested in a day.” The governor expressed his frustration with those people who were ignoring the ministry of health guidelines on the virus and hence endangering the lives of other citizens. “This is a call to all of us to follow these rules and guidelines so that we can defeat the virus, if we don’t, it is not just this school but the entire county that will be in trouble,” urged the governor.

Marafa Secondary School joins a growing list of institutions that have had to deal with the effects of the virus in the past one month since schools reopened. The infected students have been put under isolation within the school with the county government promising to take care of their medication and food.


The governor also warned of stricter measures ahead if the current trend of rising cases continues. ‘We are not going to allow these cases to spread the way it is happening, if people do not follow these rules, we will be forced to impose a cessation of movement to protect our citizens,” warned the governor.

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