Gully BopThis is one of the most remarkable rags to riches stories ever. You guys have heard of those stories where a kid from the streets is discovered for his music prowess and therefore explodes to stardom, yes? Well, as much as those happen, the cases are rare, aren’t they?

Well, how about an old man? Hard to imagine isn’t it? Because that is the remarkable story of Gully Bop.

Back in November, this explosive freestyle video of Gully Bop burst onto the internet, and thereafter catapulted him into stardom.

He has since then been referred to as the ‘Body Specialist’ deejay and has also undergone this remarkable transformation:

Gully-Bop-before-and-afterGully is reportedly more famous around the world than in Jamaica, and therefore it is only fitting that he spends the rest of the month performing in the United Kingdom; he shall return to the Caribbean in April where he shall perform for the rest of the month.

Gully is on an upward trajectory, and it has heartened many fans to see how far he has come and how in touch he still is with his fans. For example, here is a video of him mingling with his fans and freestyling:

Gully was an old aspiring deejay who had fallen on hard times, and he has shut the naysayers up brilliantly. And therefore, I have to conclude with this question: Who says that it’s too late to follow your dreams?

I hope this story serves as an inspiration.

Story by Doug L Fresh