Gym and sex? People say a lot of gym and exercising reduces one’s libido. Others say a lot of sex reduces one’s gym performance. The point to be carried home is that none affects the other. They actually help each other out in terms of performance.

The assumption that one performs poor in bed once they get into a lot of exercise is a pure lie. Once one starts exercising naturally without any kind of boost then there is a great improvement in bedroom activities.

A proven fact in society is that ninety percent of the people who exercise tend to perform really well in bedroom activities. You do not believe me, then here are the facts.

Working out helps balancing out of body hormones. Some people may tend to have a lot of hormones in their body. This is a good sign and a bad sign. Too much hormones in the body may lead to one going over board with sexual activities and even developing rage issues. When this happens, if you are a guy, ladies tend to stay away from you. If you are a lady then turning off guys will be a norm. With less hormones then there is a possibility of under performance. Let’s just be honest everyone loves a good reputation. Why not achieve the good reputation by being the best at what you do. Then comes the issue of exercising to increase libido which in turn increases performance. Problem solved.

Working out also increases sex appeal. By this I mean there is a serious attraction from the opposite sex. Who does not like to always get positive complements from the opposite sex? Working out makes you become stress free. Stress free means nothing that comes your way puts you down.


Stress is the main cause of none performance in all activities including sex. Working out also boosts testosterone levels in men. We all know that testosterone is the king of all bedroom activities. It shows whether one is a pro or not. So if you want to improve your prowess then up your exercise game and watch your lady shower you with praise all day.

Other small issues that workout also improves is risk of heart diseases. Imagine failing to perform at a certain task, you know what i mean, because of a heart problem. I am not saying that it is something bad because illness is inevitable but it it is something that can be prevented.

Excessive working out also becomes a problem. One tends to forget their main duties outside the gym. Imagine spending three hours in the gym and forgetting to even spend time with your partner. It then becomes a problem because your partner might decide to look for someone else to keep them company. If worse comes to worst then she might also receive what you are not giving her. ‘Kaa rada baba.’ Balance is the most important thing so learn how to use it.

Gym and great sex go hand in hand, if you balance them well then there is possibility of getting the best out of both.