The last time H_art The Band teamed up with a lady in a song, it was Dela in Adabu. Well, the song was received differently as some loved it while others didn’t. However, after the song, they have again featured the legendary Lady Jay Dee from Bongo in this new hot video called ‘Rosella’. The song starts with some ambience, the guitar sets the mood, and then Wachira’s deep voice follows in some dope spoken word piece that sets the stage for a smooth vocal.

 Imekuwa siku mingi sana hatujazungumza/SMS zangu hurudishi, PLEASE CALL ME hunijibu/Simu hushiki/ Na najua haiezi kuwa ni simu ulipoteza juu social media nimeona selfie zako na ile top flani kali nliku’buyia ya Dashiki……… Ulikuwa dame wa maringo lakini siteti, nakupendaga tu hivo hivo…

The video is done indoors, in a building with Mordecai leaning against the window while seemingly stressed up about his girl “Rosella” and Wachira in the bath. It’s a variety of shots, at one point all the singers are flanking lady Jay Dee and then later Wachira, and at one point Lady jay Dee is in a bath tub. It’s a great video. The video is done by one of Kenya’s best directors Kevin Bosco Jr.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think about it.