It is a story that has shocked the nation. K24 recently reported that teenage Hannah Mageri is said to have died from smoking sheesha at a club in Kiambu

Hannah’s mother holding her daughters picture

Club LXIX (69) has since released an official statement on the tragic story

Robert Mutahi issued the statement following the incident and said the deceased at no time smoked sheesha at Club 69, according to the CCTV footage of the night she partied at the said club.


Three days ago we learnt about the death of Hannah Magiri a client who was at Club LXIX on Saturday 16th April. Speculations are rife from all sources claiming how she met her untimely death. The management of Club LXIX would like to put things in perspective as per our CCTV Cameras and follow up investigations. The lady checked In at the club on Saturday 16th April at around midnight accompanied by two friends who we learnt yesterday are Wairimu and Caro (all Neighbours) They partied together at some point having conversations with male friends. From the CCTV Cameras, at no point did the deceased or her friends take SHEESHA as claimed by rumours and the K24 feature. Even on assumption that she did, then its only fair to say that all the THREE including the person who prepared the SHEESHA would have suffered same fate.

They continued having fun and at exactly 3:45am she (Hanna) left the club on her feet accompanied by Caro and Wairimu. Before she left she said goodbye to one of her cousin by the name Ann (regular client) who was at the club that time.

We have no idea what transpired the next two days when she met her untimely demise however from our CCTV footage and with the help of friends and clients we managed to track the cousin on Tuesday 27th April. She agreed to come to the club. At around 8pm we met and enquired about her last conversation with the deceased and the status at home and this is what she had to say; (The conversation was recorded for reference purposes)

1.From the recording Ann clearly states that the girl never went home but spent the night at some guys house who happens to be a neighbour.

2. She was taken home on Sunday at around 2pm by the same guy with stomach problems and was taken to the hospital later on during the day.

3. She passed on the next day evening Monday 19th April at Tigoni Hospital.

4. Perhaps for fear of the consequences, we learnt the friends Wairimu and Caro never explained anything to the parents especially where and when they parted ways.

Since her death on Monday 18th April we learnt about this incident on Tuesday 26th (2 weeks later) from rumours. Until now, no one has reported the case to the police station and no family member from the deceased has showed up at the premises to enquire or seek any clarification. Yesterday however they sent K24 media to cover the story and our managers explained to them that we were still investigating the matter since we had just learnt about it. They went ahead and featured a story that is damaging without any facts. We will therefore pursue legal action against them on this front.

Having said that, a family has lost a loved one and we sincerely do pass our condolences. Speculations, competition taking advantage and politicising the issue is very reckless, immoral and insensitive to the bereaved. Lets all respect that.

Club LXIX has CCTV footage and an audio statement which we will share with the CID, Police and any other third party who has a stake in this case. Am also calling on the family to come and take part in the viewing of the CCTV. Lastly we would like them to finally file an official report and share the doctors report with the police so that formal investigations can start to ascertain what happened in order for justice to be done.

Club LXIX is a legally established business operating under the laws of this country and we would never sell or stock contraband/ adulterated products that are unfit for human consumption. Most people ask why we don’t stock half and quarter spirit bottles, the answer is because they are highly compromised. This is a move we adopted from day 1 to safeguard our clients. We can never compromise when it comes to our clients health and we will continue to maintain this safety standards because every client is worth more alive.

We are ready and available to answer any questions and provide any additional information that can help solve the issue.

Robert Mutahi

Managing Director Club LXIX

It is our hope that this story will be investigate further. It is obvious now that the Club management wants to steer clear from this tragic situation.

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