Hanson is not a new name in the Ugandan music industry at all given his several hit songs and his recent move to release a 4-track EP called Sound of Hanson. Most East African musicians shy away from releasing EPs because its tedious and time consuming which has made his move receive great approval from the East African audience.

Hanson on stage.

Hanson started his music career in Sweden where he has stayed for seven years while also studying. Though, he started singing in church at the age of 12 years where he was in the church choir before moving on to record his first song at the age of 15. So what ignited the move into secular music? “I got inspiration from some great artists like Beyonce which made me to go into producing secular music in Sweden…”

This move apparently was a way to be able to promote Afro-pop, a chance to describe his perspective of the modern African music. This has made him famous in Sweden for the hit song ‘Love Lighter’ which has won him an award during an award event organized by the African Palm International in Sweden. Hanson describes this as the biggest achievement in his music career so far.

This is just one of the great things that has happened to him so far and he is now planning for even greater things with his East African tour which he is using to promote his EP. And surprisingly enough he is doing an official launch of this new EP here in Kenya citing that “Without Kenya there is no East Africa.”Speaking of Kenya, who would he like to do a collabo with from Kenya? “I think I would like a collabo with Avril because I feel that her voice is nice and authentic, aaahh… Nameless also is good and I would like to work with all of them hopefully.”

Finally, his advice to the youth is to discover what they can do best at their teenage years because it will determine their future. He is truly a promising artist who sparks our want for more from him.