Photos of Rajab Abdul, popularly known as Harmonize, wearing Swahili wedding regalia alongside his longtime girlfriend, Sarah have gone viral.

The talented Tanzanian Bongo musician has been in the industry since 2011. He has been a member of Wasafi Crew Members (WCB) and was one of the masterminds behind the huge  Kwa Ngwaru hit. He’s also known for popular hits such as Ayiola which rose him to fame.

Harmonize had earlier on proposed to his longtime Italian girlfriend, Sarah Michelloti, in a dinner event in Rome, Italy. Word has it that the two have been dating for three years now.

It’s not been all rosy though since their relationship has been rocked by cheating rumours. Word had gone round that Sarah had been warming Mwarabu’s bed. Sarah, however, disputed the claims and cleared the air saying that she’s not that type of woman. 

Going by the photos and videos going around, the ceremony may have attracted few guests with none of the Wasafi members showing any signs of attendance. The inattendance of Wasafi crew members raised so many questions among Harmonize’s fans.

‘Could it be because Harmonize faced feuds with his former crew members? Did his exit from Wasafi and the consequent induction of his new brand stir hate among his former crew members? Was the feud and tussle he had with WCB go to a  point that (WCB) resolved to missing out on his wedding?’

Many other questions regarding the wedding cropped up among Harmonize’s fans.

“Harusi gani na hawaku-exchange vows?”  And why did the wedding fail to attract much pomp? 

Harmonize’s manager Mjerumani has finally come out to clear the air about the photos going around on social media.


He claims that the wedding did not go down. Yes, harusi haikufanyika! He claims that the photos and videos of Harmonize going around social media are those of his new song.

The fact that popular musicians are now using their girlfriends as video vixens raises so many questions.

Is Harmonize having Sarah just for the video shoots, or is there some light at the end of the tunnel? Should Harmonize’s fans now retract their congratulatory wedding messages or save them for another day? We’d like to know!