Diamond has two new songs out, a single called ‘I Miss You’ and a collabo featuring Nigeria’s Tiwa Savage. I Miss You is a Swahili cover he did for Adelle’s Hello back in 2015 but didn’t do a video. While many have forgotten the singer’s romantic affair with former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu, he seems to not have forgotten as he even mentions her name in Fire, the song featuring Tiwa Savage.

“Sura Zarinah Hassani, shepu Sepetu Wema. I say you are fire baby,” he says at 1:33. This has raised eyebrows as to whether, despite mentioning his current bae in the same sentence, he still has feelings for her. Some of the fans have even began guessing that his second song ‘I miss you’ might be a message he’s sending to Wema Sepetu!