Well, well, well… who doesn’t love beef? Especially if it involves two of the biggest names in thye showbiz industry? Yummy, right? We might be headed to some serious beef if what started over the weekend escalates. Mr. 254 hitmaker King Kaka threw what looked like a shade at rapper Prezzo by posting a photo captioned, “Na Handshake na Prezzo/
Sio Yule uimba, Yule Prezzo anaRun Statoe/…, It’s Time to separate the Boys from The King.” The lines did not go down well with the His Rapcelency Prezzo, I mean, who is the “Boys”? and who is the “Kings”?

So Prezzo doesn’t take such sttuff lying down. He hits back, and he did. Yesterday he posted a video of his cousin (a lady) shooting at some photo target that hung in front of her. Real gun, very many shots, till Prezzo came and snatched the gun from her. Then he captioned it, “Kaka sunguch best watch his mouth my cousin sista finna take care of u.” What does that mean? Is Prezzo gonna send the lass to blow off Kaka’s brains or what? Is it gonna be a Tupac-Biggie story? Well, let’s wait and see how it unfolds. Meanwhile, pop-corns please!