Timmy T-dat

Hold on y’all, there might be a new celebrity couple in town. If you thought you had seen the end of celebrity couples in Kenya then you might be disappointed.  If recent movements by Haitosi hit-maker Timmy T-dat and Mafeelings singer Dela are anything to go by, these two have a thing in the works.

Congratulations are in order mwanangu. @delathedelz #kasabun

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The two were seen bubbly and having some great time at the Pulse PMVA Awards but that was neither here nor there, till they were spotted again together with Dela donning Timmy’s hoodie.

@timmytdat you have a career in comedy. ?

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Later, Dela posted a photo of the two having lunch together with the caption, “Karibu lunch, lakini juice ni ndogo haitosi“.

Though the two have not however spoken about their newfound love, our eyes and ears are wide open. During the PVMA awards their lips locked when Dela was announced as winner.


Itatosa or it will be mafeelings?