'Serious' Jake

2016 was arguably a big internet year, no? From crazy selfie experiences (whoever brought the selfie sticks saved lives huh!) to new terms and hashtags on social media. Hebu let’s sample some of the top most used hashtags for the year.

  1. #Bae.

This was one of the most used hashtags this year. Tweeps labda had much love to give away. Lovebirds would take photos together and post them with #bae while single ones had  #Food is #Bae, beer is #bae

2. #Goals.

Seems millennial are being quite focused and optimistic. Going for life. We had people going for relationship #goals, health #goals, name them.

3. #memes.

Very popular in the year 2016. memes have taken over almost every post and oh, how would we breathe without memes!

jake-2Ghana’s Internet sensation Jake

4. #Dope.

Blame it on tyga, and whiz khalifa, and hip hop for coming up with the term dope that went down to be one of the biggest hashtags this year.

5. #Beastmode.

Beastmode hashtag also was immensely used this year. If you’re pushing for your brand, or showing your might, it’s #beastmode activated. Mostly used to inspire.

6. #Squad.

Teams, tagging and having your bffs on set. We had team slayers and all that, #squad comes at number 6.

7. #fire.

This one is for hot chiqs and dudes, trying to show off their lovely sides to the tweesphere.

8. #Swag.

Swag was used very closely with dope, you know. Looking all swagged up, or looking dope. Most used with guys.

9. #GIFs

Hey, who can explain this? I mean, who saw it coming? GIFs are the latest internet thingie to take social media by storm.

10. #Manenoz.

This was so far the most used swahili hashtag. It had to do with nothing in particular, just anything. Mention a party, an event, anything then it is, #Ushago #manenoz, #Exam #manenoz, it was widely used.