Natural kinky hair can be difficult to maintain. How about rocking that afro! With the right products and technique you will achieve the confidence to carry yourself with style and grace. Here are some tips on how to rock that afro.

Keep your hair clean. You should wash your hair once in a week. Don’t over do it because it may leave the cuticles open stripping it of moisture leading to breakage. Make sure your hair is untangled while washing it.

Avoid processing your hair a lot. Avoid using chemicals and frequent blow-dry. This will weaken your hair and cause breakage. Instead use oils that are teeming with rich oils they will provide deep hydration.

Use protective hairstyles. If you want to style your hair as opposed to wearing it down try protective and low-maintenance styles. You can either plait braids, bantu knots or twist outs.

Watch what you eat. Eating a nourishing diet will have your hair looking healthy.

For more information on style grab a copy of The Insyder in The Sunday Standard.