Your favourite magazine The Insyder magazine June issue is out and if you’ve not checked it out, then you’re missing something! In this month’s issue we have looked at the young achievers in sports. We have Kellie Gachaga, the lady who is soaring higher and higher when it comes to golfing. We interviewed her and bring you the most insightful info about her, her life, her schooling, her career, her passion, her fears… name them. Then we have Jeremy Wahome who is the king of racing. Jeremy is the hottest sensations this country has ever produced in rallying, taking part in F3 races. He tells us about his achievements, the challenges he’s been through to be where he is and his next step.

What are the memes that have graced our internet since this year began? And what about teen suicides, why are they increasing? Does “13 Reasons Why” help suicidal teens? How? Our guest writer from LVCR Sheila Otieno tells us what she thinks.

Making Stars. We went to Patch and found this young lad who goes by the name Trigger Happy. Dope rapper. Get to know more about him too. Then we have Agnes Nonsinzi, TV anchor and manager of one of the fastest rising bands The Band Beca , who is answering your questions on how you can make it in the entertainment industry. In our Alphamail, we try and help a brother escape the wrath of his teacher? From doing what? Read on.

Of Funkiez we exclusively bring you Graceland Senior girls school Nyahururu’s Talent Day and Nairobi Regional games at Changez. And wait, is age cheating happening in KSSSA games? Rugby players from Patch and Strath give their views. The Beef that was, locally we’ve seen beefs between artistes. We take a look at it.

These and many more. Insta hot photos as sent by students, a full Poster of Quavo and the girl band Little Mix. Grab a copy of The Insyder magazine and be sure to enjoy!