One thing that shows your music has made an impact on your listeners is the feedback you get, not only from your fans but also fellow artistes. The latter do it by

reposting the song on their social media platforms, doing song covers for the same as well as doing remixes or even replies. One of the most-talked about tracks is Mask off/Toa Tint by Khali, done as a clap-back for the much talk that arose after his skin appeared ‘lighter than usual”. There was so much talk, and a lot of exchange between the rapper and Kibera’s finest Octo. But wait, did you get to hear the replies to this song? Well. Here we go.

  1. Mzungu Mwitu/Veragraph By Volkhano.

Volkhano is a dope rapper from Kayole too, whose lyrics in this song are aimed at Khali. It’s a total diss, with the rapper coming from the same hood as Khali. “Despite Chipo mwitu pia kuna Mzungu Mwitu,” he begins, then goes ahead to rip into Papa Jones. He calls him all sorts of names, Papa Yellow, Veragraph et al and plays with words ati OG means Ondoa Giza. According to the lyrics in the song, Volkhano and Khali must have been together at some point in life. “Make sure ukibleach face unableach mpaka hips, Cashy kaa rada huyu msee anaeza kusanya mpaka hips” he says. He even at one point alleges that he’s the one who helped Khali hunt down Cashy! Listen to the song below;

2. Rudisha Tint by Lutta.

The best reply to Toa Tint so far. Lutta is dancehall artiste whose voice is unique and the manner in which he attacks this song is so engrossing. He takes Busy Signal’s vibe in starting “Kelvin Lutta black, Raila Odinga black, Khali black…” then goes ahead to give a story of a boy who wants to be like Vybz Kartel hence goes ahead to tattoo his body with a marker pen. Lutta says bleaching is not a boy’s thing, and questions the self esteem of the boy who bleaches. In this case, he is basically talking about the real OG as he even mentions him. He even has delays reverbating “Yeeeee” like Khali’s. The chorus goes “Rudisha Tint Khali, Rudisha tint Khali…… Aki Rudishaaaa”. The song was recorded in the former Basslyn Music, nowadays known as Mae Famm Entertainment.

You’ll reaklise that in both songs they pull Cashy into all this. But why? Anyway, listen to both songs then tell us what you think.