Everyone’s heart gets broken at some point in their lives, and most of us handle it the same way. We’ll sob for a few days, maybe binge on ice cream and confide in our closest friends.

Laura Williams was dumped in the worst way ever.  Her boyfriend of six years left her and got engaged to her best friend, and how she dealt with it is what’s interesting,

She traveled to destinations such as Paris, Detroit, Italy, Bali enjoying relationships with different people in the process of finding herself.

And it worked very well for Laura. And now she is even making money from it.

Laura detailed all her travels and adventures in her new book Becoming

Thanks to her travels she got to re-discover who she was and learnt to love herself again.

Next time you get heartbroken, try traveling to a different place, meet interesting people, you never know, your heartbreak can be a blessing in disguise.