Hello young pups! So you want to know how to sway the ladies with wonderfully constructed pick-up lines, yes?

Okay, here is a four step criteria to achieving success in that area:

  1. Take a pen and write the cheesiest pick-up lines you’ve ever heard of. Google them too.
  2. Study them, understand the format, and try to write some of them; here’s a common one: Hey girl, know what my sweater feels like? Boyfriend material!
  3. Read them out loud to yourself repeatedly, and realize how ridiculous you sound.
  4. Put the pen down while your dignity is still intact.

You wanna know why you’ve been unsuccessful so far? Y’all pups focus too much on making a good first impression with a pick-up line, that you don’t consider what is really important in getting their attention. And I can assure you, words are least important for first impressions!

Here’s the thing, guys: Girls are impressionable people, and the impressions they form will be based on non-verbal factors. There is your dressing; I’m not suggesting costly clothing; the right combination of affordable clothing can do the trick perfectly. There is hygiene, or basically being ‘fresh’; you may have the most badass pick up line, but how will you be heard if your breath shuns the ladies? Additionally, there is how you smell. This is VERY, VERY, VERY important. I can’t underline the importance of investing in good cologne, or to say the least, deodorant.

How you smell makes a greater impact than your looks

Quote me on that, especially after you’re successful.

The above non-conclusive list makes a far greater impact than your words ever will.

But if you must have a pick up line, then I suppose this would do:

Best-pick-up-line-ever-meme-472x310 (1)

Is there a better measure of success than a line of pick-ups? I think not! Real deal sealer!


About what you should say to the ladies, I will only summarize it in one sentence: The less you say the better.

I will expound on that in two days, when I make my next post. Till then, stay fresh young pups!