Sometimes people don’t support your dreams, not because they hate you or are against you and your dreams; but because they don’t understand your dream, you haven’t explained it visibly and visionary.Dreams-And-What-They-Mean-300x330

If you took time to explain your dream to your lover or friends, they would be delighted to support and walk with you. You have to show them how feasible your dream is, have a strategy. If your partner loves you, he/she will be pleased to walk with you. Make the journey clear for the people who love you to drive with you. Relationships are important.

Instead of complaining your parents don’t understand you and your dreams. Prove to your parents how serious you are; make a presentation about your dream to your parents, stating clearly what it is, how it works, and most importantly for them, how it translates to success. Open your parents’ eyes. They are not against you, they are for you; you just have to convincingly bring them to your page.

dream itIt is not that banks or investors are snubbing you; it could be you haven’t pitched your plan clearly. You have to show you have thoroughly thought about your dream and goals. Look like you know your field. Don’t just speak your dream on the surface; break it down to specifics to bring them on board.

Often, it is not that people don’t want to vote in good leaders. It’s just that good leaders don’t publish their vision clearly. If the people were made to understand your vision and see what you see, they will rally behind you. People are hungry for change and good leadership.

Before you complain about being alone and call people haters, ask yourself if you have clearly spelt out your dream. Sometimes we make people see us as mad and weird because we haven’t made them understand what we are about. Before someone joins your team they need to get what you’re saying. Vagueness, lack of clarity and disorderliness only works to push people away.

your dreams are valid
By Sinyorita Wachira