slicing 1A lot has been said about relationships and stuff.

But many seem to overlook the fact that for you to date, you have to have a partner. So how then do you get that partner?

Theories are many in the market, but one has always been ignored.

The one most men dread; that which entails snatching your friend’s girl and making away with her.

I am a king in the making. I therefore share my insights.

This is how you get a chick to leave her guy for you.

1. Discuss her current boyfriend with her.

Most chicks have a thing about their guy that they don’t like. Hit below the belt line. Find out why she doesn’t like him, and spend some time telling her how you don’t believe he does such a thing. If she is scared to break up for fear of violence, tell her not to worry, you’ll Young Couple sitting in theatre  arms around  Watching Movie  eating popcornprotect her.

2. Spend as much time as possible with her, but do not show her any emotions yet; basically you are playing safe just in case her guy shows up.

Feelings will come later. If you are somewhere like the movies or a friend’s house and she is tired, then sit down next to her. She usually won’t mind. Luckily she might end up putting her head on your chest. A sign she likes you. If she doesn’t, worry not. I got you covered.

3. Get some person you know to talk with her, and to tell her that she should dump her boyfriend and go out with you.

If this works, then you have a new girlfriend! If this doesn’t work, try again later.

4. (if 3 above works….run with it)If she does decide to start dating you, then immediately start planning a date with her.

Something nice and not necessarily romantic(be nice, she will bring out the rest): like the movies, or a park, or if possible, the beach. Spend lots of time with her, make her appreciated.

5. Now that you have her as your girlfriend, you will want to try to see her as much as possible, but don’t forget to give her space as well!

If she goes to another school, or lives in another city, then Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp……social media basically. Remember, no matter the distance, this is your dendai…..make things right between the two of you

Remember make it happen or else she will end up being snatched from you too!!! You ain’t the only reading this.
By: Malasi