“Looking like yourself is not something you need to be sorry for,” says Lilly Singh, mainly known as Superwoman. In the likes of King Bach and Ryan Higa, Lilly is a comedian who posts at least two funny videos in a week. 

In all her videos she has never gone without make up until now- she has been very busy, recently she was to attend a meeting but she did not have enough time to prepare. So Lilly went with a hoodie and no make up. With the fear that she looked hideous, she texted her friends before the meeting apologizing that she looks like a total mess…

Later on she realized that she had apologized for looking like herself; being natural. That’s when reality dawned on her that its not cosmetics that you should not judge your self worth. She felt so motivated to spread the word that she made a video expressing how she feels.

I personally think that is a great lesson that needs to be learnt by all ladies and especially girls of our time. We need to appreciate our natural beauty more. See what she had to say through her video on this link: