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Colonel Mustafa (Photograph by BouArt)
Colonel Mustafa shares his experience at Muguga Boys Boarding Secondary School.
‘Lenga stress’ and read on.

1. Favourite teacher
Miss Esther Makumi simply because she looked hot with her fancy smile.
2. Most embarrassing moment
I was urinating then a female teacher entered the boys toilets and saw my….
3. Best dish?
Rice and meat.
4. Club you were a member of
Wildlife [club].
5. Best, and worst, subjects
Biology was my favourite and maths was the worst
6. Sister school.
St.Georges High School.
7. ‘Funkie’ you always looked forward to
Music Festival.
8. Teacher you had a crush on
Miss Morgan a trainee teacher from Kenyatta University because she looked sexy and she used to be aggressive.
9. Nastiest experience as a Form One
I met a form 4 student in the toilet and he told me to wipe his ass.
10. Most memorable thing you did
I had a date with Miss Morgan. What followed was unimaginable …