Mzazi william Tuva, Mseto East Africa
William Tuva

Mzazi William M. Tuva shares his experience at Mukaa High School.

1. Favourite teacher:
Mr.Mayoli, my history teacher. He was very fun- ny. We used to call him Burning Spear because of his beard that made him look like the legend- ary reggae musician.
2. Most embarrassing moment in high school:
I remember one day we failed a mathematics assignment and we were asked to kneel outside for hours.
3. Best meal:Wali.
4. Club(s) were you a member of:
I started the first journalism club in the school and a karate club as well. I was the trainer.
5. Best and worst subjects respectively:
My best subjects were Biology, Kiswahili and English. My worst subjects were Chemistry and Physics.
6. Sister school:
Precious Blood Secondary School, Kilungu.
7. Funkie you always looked forward to:Entertainment Day.
8. Teacher(s) you had a crush on and why:
I used to have a crush on the most beautiful teacher. She was young and she liked me a lot. She would always mention my name or give me class chores. I prefer not to mention her name.
9. Nastiest experience in Form One:
I can’t remember being bullied in high school be- cause I used to train [students] karate and some of the ones I taught while [I was] in Form One were in Form Three.
10. Most memorable thing you did in high school:
I was the first entertainment prefect in Mukaa High School after I participated in a play that I wrote, taught and acted in. Being a cartoonist, I would always draw caricatures of students and pin them on our notice board.