Kaimosi Girls Secondary School in Vihiga county has ordered female teachers not to wear lipstick and make up while in the company of students.

Principal Violet Opala said that the makeup is making it difficult for the teachers to discipline the students.

Apparently one of the students is on suspension for wearing makeup. The principal is of the opinion that the student learnt from observing the teachers.

However the male teachers were praised for their simplicity and being good role models to the students.

The school board has strongly defended the decision too. Mr Hudson Aluvanza, chairman of the board feels it is just and the female teachers must comply.

The school has received online backlash with most finding the directive backward and outdated.

This right here is just another example as to the ‘superficial solutions syndrome’ similar to Matiang’i banning mid-term in third term.

All these administrative decisions are not solving the root cause of disciplinary problems in high schools.

What do y’all think of the school banning makeup for female teachers?