We all have that one top or jean that we can’t get enough of. And we subconsciously find ourselves repeating that item more than usual. However when you’re a public figure, you have eyes on you always and people never forget.

The celebrated radio host recently posted a photo on Instagram wearing a checkered shirt and fans on social media were quick to note that the presenter has worn it endlessly.

Maina Kageni_Nyashinski

Wondering how many times Maina has been spotted wearing that shirt?  And the photo evidence is unbelievable.

Maina Kageni_chameleone

The collage below sums it all up.

Maina Kageni-red checked shirt

Below are some of the reactions from his fans.

“Maina, you are always wearing that same shirt on your photos kwani it’s a tread?” one said

“Lakini Maina, unapenda hii shirt saaana by the way,” another one added.

Or may be he also has that millionaire tendency, the one of having a million pairs of the same thing? one fan noted.

Whatever the case, Maina take note we are watching.