Would you like to read about Hip-hop culture in school? Instead of just having ABCD lessons from kindergarten or nursery, how about something to do with Hip-Hop? So a lesson would go like, T is for Trap. Sounds funny right? Well, teachers in the U.S are thinking of introducing a Hip-Hop curriculum for the musically inclined youth 

There is already a book that has been published but is yet to be released. The book called Hip Hop Alphabet is authored by OG Michael Kaves and former Jive Records executive Howie Abrahams. The book includes artists, culture and great moments so far in Hip-Hop. I wouldn’t mind reading about Jay Z if you asked me. I know most of y’all like Hip-Hop so this would be a very interesting read. The book is just 32 pages.

In the book, each page contains graffiti pictures and descriptions of the subject. Urban legends that have been included in the book are many, among them the Wu-Tang Clan and even the 2 hour MTV Show, Yo MTV Raps!

The book though is targeted at Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten kids. Whoop! Whoop! Sorry guys. Since we can’t go back in time and tell our parents we want to learn about Hip-hop, if there’s a chance, our small bros and sisters can do it. If they like singing that is. Music is one of the most interesting subjects and having it taught to kids would be fun.

If Kenyan rappers and musicians can come together, that would mean a customized book for the local market. The book will be available in October. So, as Camp Mulla plans on their comeback to school guys on what good music is, they should also consider literally schooling young people on what music is all about. Octopizzo would be great for a Kenyan Hip-hop book for kids. Where are the Khaligraph fans at though? Hehe

So what’s your take, would you be interested in reading about Hip-hop?

The book can be ordered on Amazon here