There’s no better feeling in the world than falling in love with a great partner. To you, it doesn’t matter how it happened as long as you get the opportunity to spend the rest of your life with them by your side. However, your plans get derailed with time and you end up rethinking your decisions. But how sure are you that it is time to call it quits? The Insyder plug has some tips that could help you out.

  1. You don’t trust each other

Have you reached that point where you aren’t sure if your better half is seeing someone else? Is your trust in him or her waning? If yes, that means your heart isn’t happy with the situation and you might want to reconsider your chances of love. Trust can give you a better view of how strong your relationship is and is part of the warning flags.

  1. You become distant

Has he or she stopped sending gifts or even those mushy love texts? Has your better half been avoiding you without explanation? Is the relationship happening over long distances that you rarely meet and you feel like they are strangers in your life? If yes, then give up the charade and get yourself out of the in-existent love before it takes a toll on you.

  1. Excited about meeting new people

Ever wondered why events seem that great to you and that you like meeting new people from the opposite gender yet you are supposedly in love? It might be that you are looking for new friends but what chances are there that those pals will turn out in your dreams as the new perfect match. Ironically, that would be at least 75% of your dreams thus indicating that you desire new experiences in your love game and that the new experiences lie in someone else rather than the person you are seeing.

  1. You no longer have any fun together

Are the days where you use to hang out with your girl or boy past you or are they too boring nowadays that it is just not fun anymore? Have you given thought to try and make your relationship fun but it just isn’t working? Does spending time with others seem like a priority? Find your happiness and make it work this time

  1. You fantasize about someone else

Do you have those weird dreams about someone who isn’t your bae? Are they more frequent than those of your loved one? If so, that means you see yourself hooking up with someone else soon.


However even as these signs point out the cracks in your relationship, do your best to salvage what you have before calling it quits if you love your bae.