President of the Single mothers aka Akothee has her name is on everybody’s lips. Reason? She’s lately making headlines for her good deeds.

She’s recently being preaching water and drinking the same. Sweet Love hitmaker has for the longest time been known for her crazy antics on social media. Those who know Akothee can attest to the fact that she has recently been making brave and bold moves.

Everyone should brace themselves for better days ahead because soon Akothee ataekelewa mikono na sio siri! Here are signs that she is now a reformed person:

Akothee amefunga duka.

Akothee admitted that she has had several baby daddies and she says it without a tinge of shame! Recently she took to her social media page claiming that she’s not ready for love anytime soon. “Single and not searching….I  have oficially taken  a break from dating anyone or anyone dating me...leave  me alone.”  If her sentiments on IG are anything to go by, then Akothee amefunga duka! Sorry to those who were locked out.

A break from the nudes.

Akothee has taken a serious break from the nudes and videos she used to post with her twerking on IG. Her videos were usually accompanied by her favourite sentiments;  “I don’t caree, come beat me…call me polis”.  Well, none of this has been experienced recently. Is Akothee turning over a new leaf?

The mini skirt vs. shuka saga

Sometime back, Akothee had been barred from accessing parliament buildings since she had worn a miniskirt. She had further claimed that her legs were longer than the skirt. On being offered a leso, Akothee agreed to have it tied around her waist. The old Akotheewould have declined the leso altogether. See? Akothee amebadilisha mienendo.


Ezekiel Mutua said so.

Mutua in an interview on NTV with Ken Mijungu poured heaps of praises on Akothee.

You  know Akothee is a superstar and she has reformed…”

Feeding programme in Turkana.

Akothee has begun a feeding programme in Turkana. The photos going around social media with her feeding famished citizens depicts Akothee’s selfless nature.

She has also taken to social media to seek help through asking for donations to fund the programme. “Like I said before, we have a feeding programme every Thursday. I ask you to just feed one person if not people. I still ask for utensils and cooking pots…”

Her plea to adopt 3 kids.

Despite having a large family to take care of, Akothee wants to add three more children to the list. This happened after a  friend of hers passed away leaving behind young children who need care and support.

Akothee is hoping that she’ll be permitted to nurture the young children. She took to her  IG page to talk about the same. “Fair thee well. Rest in peace. Your children are in God’s  hands I will try my best so that they don’t end up in the streets”

That’s it. Do you believe Akothee has changed? Let us know what you think.